Self-Awareness and Your Natural Talents



In the study two key differences emerged between the top and bottom performers. The first key difference is that 5th level performers all have much higher levels of self-awareness. Self-awareness is all about really knowing what your natural talents are – and are not. The natural talents I’m talking about btw are your mental talents for things like: complex problem-solving, creativity, empathy, big-picture thinking, competitiveness, attention to detail, organizational thinking, persistence and a host of other cognitive abilities as measured in the study. The second key difference is that 5th level performers are significantly more authentic. They make sure that whatever roles they fill are as dependent as possible on the mental talents or abilities they naturally possess, not their ability to try and acquire new ones. Authenticity means filling a role that is true to who you are, not spending all of your time trying to develop new natural talents. The reason this is so important is because according to everything we know about how the human mind works, we can’t develop new thinking talents. Unfortunately, this is what most 1st through 4th level performers try to do. In other words, those who struggle to achieve significant success spend a lot of time trying – in vein – to change the core of who they are while those who succeed choose to focus their energy on better maximizing that which they already are. As the elder statesman of management theory, Peter Drucker, once said, “The key is to make weaknesses irrelevant.” Notice he didn’t say, “fix them.” Making them irrelevant means filling a role where they simply aren’t important or needed.  That’s authenticity!


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  1. Nancy says:

    I think there’s great value and personal understanding in becoming self aware. I don’t believe that enough people spend time realizing the value in self awareness.
    So many people are just naturally conditioned as a result of their upbringing, circumstance and environments that other than natural conditioning through their Ego minds it’s not a thought to them to spend focus time on self awareness through an interest in personal growth and personal development.
    Self Awareness helps lead us to much greater levels of understanding for ourselves and others, and additionally greater levels of inner peace and happiness which in affect is what each and everyone of us is actually searching for in life. To feel good equals happiness.
    We’re taught as we grow up from young children to look at what we don’t do well and through competition encouraged to focus on our weaknesses to better develop them as opposed to becoming more aware and grateful for the natural talents and abilities that we do possess.

    The ease of our life and in turn ultimate fullfilment would come far easier at the hands of celebrating the talents and gifts we naturally possess and working to showcase those abilities through our own passions.

    Being self aware of all of our skills and talents will help us discover the most natural and satisfying way to realize all of our goals and ultimately our dreams and aspirations. Not to mention how much it encourages our levels of high self esteem and self confidence

    With kindest of intentions

    ~ Offering enlightenment through compassion and kindness ~

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