Mini Tips – Use What God Put in You


Jay Niblick, success coach, peak performance consultant and developer of the groundbreaking self-discovery book and coaching program at Jay discusses how conventional wisdom tells us to fix ourselves instead of the role we play at home or work. Why fix what God put in you? You are born with natural talents and the sooner you become aware of them and live life authentically, the sooner you will see a higher level of success.


5 Responses to “Mini Tips – Use What God Put in You”
  1. Paul Ream says:

    What a true statement. No need to fix what God put in us, just hone our skills like a finely tuned machine and we find success, but make our success depend on skills that God did not put into us and we are bound to fail. I’ve seen it time and time again with my clients and myself.

    Paul A. Ream
    5th Level Coach

  2. G Sairamesh says:

    This is about truly SEI’ing your self. The mirror up there doesn’t bluff.

    It’s about learning to project what you have and working with it rather than attempting to work against something and landing up frustrated.

    In my view most of us spend our time trying to find what’s inside us through out our professional life and land up gaining no significant clues. If at all we find it, we have no more energy left inside us.

    Now discover the Genius Inside you faster and project them quickly to success. Yes it is about SEI’ing ourselves successful. Thanks to Jay on his remarkable compilation of his experiences.

    G Sairamesh
    Leadership, Team & Individual Transformation Coach, Consultant & Trainer

  3. Hiren says:

    The meaning of the word education comes from the latin word educere which means to draw out what is already in instead of blindly stuffing in. The great philosopher Socrates said that the purpose of education is the kindling of a flame and not the filling of a vessel. Unfortunately the education system is not activity based which enables people to know their talents and passion. Academics actually take you away from the core by confusing you about what you really want to do. I have a blog for the purpose- Make your passion your profession-

  4. Thomas Persing says:

    Great concept, Jay; I want to explore it in more detail!

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